7 Fast Food Restaurants And What They Would Be Like As Boyfriends


Thought Catalog


McDonald’s is your high school sweetheart. He’s the guy you dated because he was there, because he was familiar, because something about him always made you feel comfortable and safe. But the second you were faced with other options — even Burger King, the one-notch upgrade who went to the high school one town over and came to your prom — you realized that you never really liked McDonald’s that much to begin with. (But you still sometimes sleep with him out of habit, usually while drunk, and then immediately regret it.)


Subway is the guy you dated in college who thought he wasn’t like all the other douchebag bros because he was mildly health-conscious and had a slightly more nuanced personality. But the second you started seeing him, and got through the veneer of his “I’m not like these other guys” schtick, you realized he was just…

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